Morning Earth Pottery:

Morning Earth Pottery is owned an operated by Arthur Kyung Jae Park and Mary Rae Park.  It specializes in tea ware from both more traditional and contemporary points of view. Personal sculptural work  and functional studio work is also produced. 

Morning Earth Korea:

Morning Earth Korea is an introduction to our tours that visit Human Cultural Treasures in Korea and our websites that provide information on various aspects of Korean arts and Culture.  You are a step closer to Korea when you visit

 Korean Ceramic Workshops
  Ceramic Artists International

Morning Earth provides Korean Ceramic Workshops conducted by Arthur and Mary Park and /or visiting Korean ceramic artists.  These workshops have been presented to more than 3500 ceramic artists and art teachers from more than 35 states.  Venues include the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Mungyeong,  South Korea is a 1000 year old tea ware village.  Each year they hold the Mungyeong Chassabal Festival and invite ceramic artists from many countries to participate.  This connects you to those invited international artists and their work.  Join a Morning Earth Tour to visit this great festival.

 Korean Ceramic Artist Tours

From time to time Morning Earth Tours develops tours to Korea.  Among these tours are at least two tours each year designed specifically for ceramic artists.   We specialize in but are not limited to Human Cultural Treasure tours throughout South Korea.   This link takes you to the ceramic tours.

Tea Tour Korea:  Join us on this exciting adventure.

Tea Tour Korea brings together the two aspects of Korean tea - tea and tea ware.  Designed with the help of Brother Anthony of Taize and Hong Kyeong-Hee co-authors of The Korean Way of Tea the tour will explore both tea haunts and tea ware artists on an unparalleled journey into the history and art of Korean tea.   The tour is in May 2010.